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22,00 EUR*
Details MF Matthias Friedel - Luftbildfotografie Luftbild von Zur Teerhofinsel in Lübeck (Lübeck), aufgenommen am 11.06.07 um 14:55 Uhr, Bildnummer: 4748-05, Auflösung: 4288x2848px = 12MP - Fotoabzug 20x30cm

Format: Fotoabzug 20x30cm Bildnummer: 4748-05 Datum: 11.06.07 Uhrzeit: 14:55 Auflösung: 4288x2848px = 12MP Ort: Zur Teerhofinsel in Lübeck (Lübeck) Straßen: Zur Teerhofinsel, Am Petroleumhafen, Tremskamp, A1, Sportboothafen, Trave, Teerhofinsel ...

24,60 EUR*
Details Am-Tech 12 Zoll Engineers Square, P3750

Am-Tech 12 Zoll Engineers Square, P3750 - Solid steel engineers square with hardened, tempered and finely polished blades - Am-Tech Branded

44,72 EUR*
Details Site Management for Engineers

Site Management for Engineers A presentation of the various aspects of site management which engineers need to understand. It looks at good site practice and management techniques, programmes, tenders, construction methods, all types of resource ...

55,26 EUR*
Details Architects + Engineers = Structures

Architects + Engineers = Structures by Margolius, 9780471498254, John Wiley, Paperback

433,95 EUR*
Details Mechanical Engineers' Handbook: 4 Volume Set

Mechanical Engineers Handbook 4 Volumes Set, 4Th Edition by Myer Kutz, 9781118118993, John Wiley, 2015, Hardcover

13,34 EUR*
Details The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems

The Essential Engineer From the acclaimed author of "The Pencil" and "To Engineer Is Human," "The Essential Engineer" is an eye-opening exploration of the ways in which science and engineering must work together to address our world's most pressing ...

11,91 EUR*
Details FAITHFULL Engineers File - 150mm (6in) Half Round Second Cut

Faithfull Half Round Second Cut Engineers File 150mm (6in)

13,81 EUR*
Details Roger the Engineer

Album Roger The Engineer in Mono- und Stereo - Fassung; zusätzliche Titel Happenings Ten Years Time Ago und Psycho Daisies; fünf Bonus Tracks von Keith Relf

38,81 EUR*
Details Physics for Engineers And Scientists (Physics Series)

Physics for Engineers and Scientists Provides students, practicing engineers, and scientists with the complete physical laws from classical mechanics to the quanta optics and semiconductor physics. This book emphasizes only the level of mathematics ...

51,90 EUR*
Details AutoCad Workbook for Architects and Engineers

AutoCAD Workbook for Architects and Engineers AutoCAD Workbook for Architects & Engineers This practical step-by-step guide - designed for use at your computer - gives clear, compact instructions and self-test exercises to help you learn 2-D drawing ...